Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The South Rim and The Pinnicles

I've wanted to put up a few of the more scenic photos I took on my Big Bend trip last month. The most scenic must be this composite I took at the South Rim. This is how the light looks at about 9:30 a.m. The view is South-south-east looking into Mexico. Double click on the photo for a larger view.

We had a nice relaxing view from the edge of the cliff.

At Boot Canyon, we decided that it was early enough in the day to avoid any thunderstorms on the Pinnicle Trail, so we took it. The cliffs reminded me a lot of some other hikes through cliffs I've been on in years past.

I was able to see more of my new favorite plant, Madrone.

Here is a view of Casa Grande from the trail.

A view of the Chisos Basin.

I love the contrast between forest- and desert-type plants. The trail brought us down out of the sky island.

More of the trail.


More Pinnicles.

At the base of the Pinnicle Trail is Juniper Flats. It is very aptly named.

By this time in the hike I was a "hurtin-unit". I welcomed the flat ground after 13 miles of ups and downs of almost 3,000 feet. I took my boots off at the trail-head and counted 12 blister/hotspots. But I was proud that I still have the ability to do something 'hard but worth it'.